Dive in Amed and Tulamben  with us to discover the best of eastern Bali dive sites.

We are an SSI and ANMP/CMAS dive center in Amed. Our instructor team can also teach PADI  courses. At only 2:30 hours driving from the airport, we are on the eastern tip of Bali. Come to enjoy the most amazing diversity of dive sites in Bali, stunning coastal views  and the cultural heritage of the area.


Dive courses

We are a scuba diving school affiliated with SSI (scuba school international), a worldwide recognized organization.

Our instructors can also teach PADI and ANMP/CMAS courses on-demand.



DESCRIPTION: The discover scuba diving is an unforgettable experience.

Your first bubbles will make you discover a new world and new sensations.

PRE-REQUISITES: Be 10 years old and be in good physical condition
scuba diver
* SCUBA DIVER first diver certification (non autonomous)

DURATION AND NUMBER OF DIVING: 1 to 2 days / 2 dives and confined water sessions

DESCRIPTION: Allows to dive to 12 meters with a professional dive guide

PRE-REQUISITES: ability to swim

Being 10 years old and in good physical condition

* OPEN WATER DIVER: first level of autonomous diver. World recognized certificate.

DURATION AND NUMBER OF DIVING: 3 days of training including 4 dives at sea plus exercise sessions in confined water.

DESCRIPTION: Allows to dive up to 18 m in a group of certified divers or autonomously.

PRE-REQUISITES: Ability to swim

Be at least 10 years old

Being in good physical condition
Advanced Adventurer
* Advanced Adventurer: second level of autonomous diver. World recognized certificate.

DURATION AND NUMBER OF DIVING: 2 days of training including 5 dives at sea.

DESCRIPTION: Allows to dive up to 30 m in a group of certified divers or autonomously.Discover 5 different specialities.

Open Water certified

Be at least 15 years old

Being in good physical condition

DURATION AND NUMBER OF DIVING: 2 to 3 days of training / 4 dives

DESCRIPTION: Learn how to manage diving emergencies, organize rescue and recognize and manage stress on yourself and other divers.

PRE-REQUISITES:Be at least open water diver certified or equivalent certifications

Minimum age of 15

Being certified react right, emergency first response or equivalent
* SPECIALTY COURSES: A complete dive course on a specialty.

DURATION AND NUMBER OF DIVES: 1 to 2 days / 2 to 4 dives

DESCRIPTION: To learn the specific techniques and to acquire the theoretical knowledge necessary for the mastery of a specialty (deep, nitrox, buoyancy, wreck ...)

PRE-REQUISITES: To be certified open water diver or equivalent

Variable according to specialty
dm padi
* DIVE MASTER first professional level

DURATION AND NUMBER OF DIVES: 30 days minimum / unlimited dives

DESCRIPTION: To acquire the theoretical, physical and technical skills to guide certified divers, to organize the activity safely and to assist an instructor during the courses of divers.

PRE-REQUIRSITES: Be 18 years old minimum

Being certified advanced open water and rescue or equivalent certifications.
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Dive sites

Access: beach

Depth 3/30m

First bombed by the japanese during WW2 this wreck stayed on the beach in Tulamben during the next 20 years.The volcano eruption in 1963 pushed it back in the water.
It is definitely one of the most accessible wreck in the world and one of Bali's most renowned dive site.
With a total length of 120 meters, it amazes divers by the multicolored fauna and flora that inhabit it. Paradise of the photographers this site offers possibilities as well in macro as in scenary.
Access: beach

Depth: 2/25 meters

Just a few meters from the Liberty this coral garden attracts all lovers of macro.
But not only because we regularly encounter black tip reef sharks, turtles, humphead parrotfish , barracuda, giant moray eel ...
Concrete statues and metallic structures complete this natural reef or have been replanted with coral attracting a very dense life on this gentle slope very popular with photographers.
Depth: 3/40 meters +

Access: beach or boat

This wall was formed by the lava flow during the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963.
Three lava flows in total form this falling, called by the Balinese, the fingers of the volcano.
Very beautiful relief, covered with many kind of corals and sponges offers lots of shelters for animals.
Humphead parrotfish, turtles, napoleons are regularly seen.
This site lends itself perfectly to deep dives and is much appreciated by photographers also for the macro.
Access: beach or boat

Depth: 5/25 meters

Drift dive
A site rich in fauna and flora, the pyramids are concrete structures that were installed on a sandy bottom more than 20 years ago.
This artificial reef is now covered with sponges of all kinds, gorgonians where hundreds of fish have found refuge.
This site is also a cleaning station for dozens of blue spotted stingrays that are observed throughout the dive.
A natural reef where we regularly meet turtles complete this superb dive site.
Access: beach

Depth: 3/40 +

A giant aquarium , this site is ideal for snorkeling because sheltered bay.
Many varieties of fish evolve around this magnificent reef, essentially composed of hard corals, which will delight beginners as well as experienced divers.
Scorpion fish of all kinds, leaf fish, reef sharks, moray eels, nudibranchs make up the fauna of this enchanting site.
Access: beach

Depth: 2/25 meters

Artificial reefs made up of different concrete statues scattered on a gentle slope of sand.
These structures are covered with coral where a multitude of multicolored fish have found refuge.
Lots of batfishes , trumpet fish, razor fish, scorpion fish of all kinds, nudibranchs, indian mackerels, seahorses ...
Excellent site for the introduction and start of OPEN WATER course, it will also enchant lovers of photos and macro.
Beach or boat access

Depth: 3/40 meters

Superb wall covered with a great variety of sponges of all kinds (elephant ear, barrels, tubular ...) or twirl multicolored fishes.
There are regular turtles, Indian mackerels, blue fin trevallies, angel fishes, boxfishes, pufferfishes , moray eels, cuttle fish, leaf fish…
Site any level from beginner to experienced who can here make a beautiful deep dive.
Access: beach or boat

Depth: 2/30 meters

This site owes its name to the presence of a wreck 20 meters long that rests a few meters from the beach between 2 and 10 meters of depth.
The history of this wreck is little known.
Its name would be due to the presence of Japanese-style toilets.
The coral reef on which the diving takes place is incredibly beautiful and rich.
Site renowned for its macro fauna (pygmy seahorse, leaf fish, nudibranchs, ghostpipe fishes ...)
Boat access

Depth: 6 to 30 meters

Drift dive
Enormous barrel sponges and pink gorgonians line this gentle slope where you’ll meet huge angel fish , turtles, reef sharks , napoleon...
A school of big-eye trevallies has also frequently crossed.
A great dive where the current can be very powerful.
A drift dive as we like them, full of energy!
Boat access

Depth 6/35 meters

Drift dive
Immersion begins on a very impressive garden of eels .
A sandy slope brings us to the first barrel sponges and the magnificent pink gorgonians that characterize this site.
Numerous red-tooth triggerfishes and bannerfishes line the deep blue of this dive.
Blue-spotted stingrays, giant moray eels, leopard morays, ribbon eel moray, reef sharks, turtles and baracudas are often on the go.
We finish this superb drift dive over a shallow reef of beauty.
Access: beach

Depth: 18/38 meters

Sunk in 2011 to create a new artificial reef, this wreck of 40 meters long, rests between 18 and 36 meters of depth.
This wreck is intact, inside the rooms have been placed objects, statues, car that give this dive a fascinating atmosphere. The penetration is easy and allows to admire fabulous plays of light.
This site is ideal for deep diving courses and Nitrox.
alamanda , batu kelebit , embral
Access: boat

Depth: 3/40 +

Minimum two divers to organize these dives
These sites are in the continuity of the Tulamben drop-off. Drifting dives on a reef slope decorated with crest and coral staircase. These sites have a special attraction for deep dives and offer beautiful encounters with reef sharks (white tips and black tips), turtles, humphead parrotfishes, napoleon ...
seraya , melasti , sidem
Access: beach

Depth: 2 / 30m

Dives often shallow which are sites of "muck" (rocks, sand, structure ...) where encounters with a particular wildlife is the goal. Seahorse, harlequin shrimp, frog fish, ghost fish of all kinds, countless nudibranches are some of the wonders to look for.
Paradise of the photographers these dives invite us to discover a new universe underwater ...
Access: boat

Depth: 3 / 30m

Diving reserved for very experienced divers due to the strong currents that sweep the area.
Minimum two divers to organize this dive.
Located at the eastern tip of Bali, gili selang is a small island separated from the coast by a coral strip 30 meters long. Superb coral formation surrounding the island and possibility of pelagic encounters thanks to the currents present in this area.
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Jemeluk , Amed , Bali , Indonesia

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* OPEN WATER DIVER: first level of autonomous diver. World recognized certificate. DURATION AND NUMBER OF DIVING: 3 days of training including 4 dives at sea plus exercise sessions in confined water. DESCRIPTION: Allows to dive up to 18 m in a group of certified divers or autonomously. PRE-REQUISITES: Ability to swim Be at least 10 years old Being in good physical condition